LEM Helmets Unveils New Motiv™Attack & Cipressa Road-Inspired Helmets
Models bring aero performance and all-around comfort and style to enhance LEM’s road and gravel collection.

MORGAN HILL, Calif. (March 14, 2022) – LEM Helmets, global manufacturer of innovative, stylish, and performance head protection for cycling and motorsports, today launches its new Motiv™Attack and Cipressa road helmets – with both bringing unique features to further round-out the brand’s product offerings.

The newest addition to LEM’s Motiv Family of helmets and worn by the Human Powered Health Pro Cycling teams, the MotivAttack (MSRP $200) delivers a sleek aerodynamic design engineered with Computational Fluid Dynamics technology (CFD) for optimized aero performance that excels on the flats and in the final sprint. Complimenting the MotivAttack, the Cipressa (MSRP $100) is a lightweight, all-around road/gravel beauty that’s designed for long days in the saddle where comfort and ventilation are key.

“These two models not only bring more depth to our road/gravel collection, but also offer unique features for different types of cyclists at attractive pricepoints that together provide high-performance and value,” said Keith Cozzens, LEM’s global brand marketing director. “They both also feature our new, proprietary GelMotion technology that further helps accommodate the needs of riders bringing benefits for every ride.”



The MotivAttack and Cipressa feature LEM’s new, proprietary GelMotion® technology for management of high- and low-energy impacts, and rotational and oblique impacts. During an impact with GelMotion, the surrounding EPS foam plus energy-absorbing gel pads work harmoniously to displace energy upon impact. And, the pads maintain their shape over time.

Worn by the pros, the MotivAttack is all about aero speed for the flats and sprints. Its design is made for your fast cadence, and could make the difference at the final line. It features 11 vents, a sleek, lightweight profile with slipstream-dimpled panels, and micro-adjust fit system. The MotivAttack harmoniously melds together comfort and function that delivers superior performance. Available in 6 colors.

The last thing you want when climbing or cranking through a long ride in heat is a clunky, hot helmet. Simply put: the Cipressa is the opposite of that! Up for the down, and down for the up, this road and gravel-focused helmet is a quiver of one made for max versatility. With added features like 19 vents, a micro-adjust fit system, and dual-layer PC shell technology, the Cipressa's lightweight protection brings superior comfort as you mow down miles. Available in 7 colors.

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